I have created this space with two goals in mind. The first goal is to share my poetry and give myself a creative space. The second is to write about indigenous issues and my journey to de-colonization. I hope you will find my poetry inspiring and writing thought provoking. Thank you for taking the time […]

A Nest

A bird is nesting in my hanging planter Spring has begun with new life and center The bird has claimed this space for a nest Reminding me to take spring as rest Time to reflect on the new life growing around me Birds nesting in trees, flowers blooming to see Sights that stun my eyes […]


I see my neighbor lying in the street Homeless jobless his life looks bleak I see her pain as she picks up the razor Her depression overwhelming I wish I could save her Starving people, school lunch debts, no clean water Oppression, pain, genocide, innocence for slaughter I see hatred find its way into hearts […]

To the North

To my indigenous relatives in the north May you resist every officer and horse May you win your fight against oppression May it bring true peace to rest in For now may this poem be medicine And hopefully bring you blessing Fight my brothers, sisters, elders, matriarchs, chiefs! Screaming skoden to our native drum beats […]

Writer’s Block

I stared at the blank page I se my fingers to their task “Just write some words” I rage The empty as an infilled cask Writer’s Block they call it YouTube videos, Ted talks, and authors Trying to give ten tips to end it Like a child yelling at its mother Their ideas get me […]

Love isn’t blind

They say that love is blind But I have come to find That this is a lie Love isn’t blind but focused On the best parts of you Seeing the beauty that’s voiceless Not listening to critics choices I don’t see that small blemish on your cheek I see your nose crinkle when you smile […]

Speed Limits

Speed limit: 75 Birth, fresh air, learn to breathe Talk, walk, swim and dive Rushing through childhood Leaving blanket forts and legos behind Fell down a mountain; ride waves with seals Went on a roll are coaster: caught a fish without rod or reel Speed limit: 60 Something changing. What happening? That girls not icky, […]